What’s in Cairo’s underworld?

There’s an amazing progamme on the History Channel at the momemt about the underworld – what lies buried under the great cities of the world. I don’t know if it’s the same programme everywhere, but last week we in New Zealand saw what lies buried under Rome. Whole villas and some of the original stones of the Forum. It was absolutely amazing.

 But – I would like to know what lies buried under Cairo. The mind boggles at the treasures that could be under that great city that they might never find. Of course, Cairo is of special interest to me because it’s Egypt, and everyone who knows me knows how in love I am with that particular civilisation. It’s my passion, after writing, of course.

If they have done, or are about to do, a programme about Cairo’s underworld, please let me know. It will be a must-see.

And if anyone is interested in joining in a blogging party on October 10-11, my good friend Ginger Simpson is holding one at that time. I will be talking about my latest upcoming release from Highland Press, ETERNAL HEARTS, a time travel romance set, you guessed it, in ancient Egypt. You’ll find her at http://mizging.blogspot.com

 Happy writing,



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