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Sorry, for the inconvenience, folks, but this blog has had to move.

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It’s all happening this week

My first news is that I have a great cover for Eternal Hearts, my ancient Egyptian time travel.   Highland Press has really done the book proud.

 We also had two lots of great news this week. Our books will also be available in the UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand yay as well as the US. Also Highland Press has been added to the Romance Writers of America list of approved non-subsidy, non-vanity press publishers. So, plenty of celebrating this week.

And now the icing on my cake.  My good friend, author Sue Charnley, has invited me to be the guest travel guide this week on romance novel tv http://romancenovel/tv answering questions about New Zealand. So if there’s anything you want to know about New Zealand, come on over and ask me.

Happy writing


What’s in Cairo’s underworld?

There’s an amazing progamme on the History Channel at the momemt about the underworld – what lies buried under the great cities of the world. I don’t know if it’s the same programme everywhere, but last week we in New Zealand saw what lies buried under Rome. Whole villas and some of the original stones of the Forum. It was absolutely amazing.

 But – I would like to know what lies buried under Cairo. The mind boggles at the treasures that could be under that great city that they might never find. Of course, Cairo is of special interest to me because it’s Egypt, and everyone who knows me knows how in love I am with that particular civilisation. It’s my passion, after writing, of course.

If they have done, or are about to do, a programme about Cairo’s underworld, please let me know. It will be a must-see.

And if anyone is interested in joining in a blogging party on October 10-11, my good friend Ginger Simpson is holding one at that time. I will be talking about my latest upcoming release from Highland Press, ETERNAL HEARTS, a time travel romance set, you guessed it, in ancient Egypt. You’ll find her at http://mizging.blogspot.com

 Happy writing,


Increasing productivity

The 300-words a day challenge is going well and I’m up to more than 6000 words, which is fantastic. I’m finding it a great incentive to start with 300 or so words. It’s not taxing and the pause each day allows me time to think about the next scene or half scene. In fact I’m enjoying the process so much that I’ve now started another, just to challenge myself, so I have two new stories on the go – one time travel and one historical.

Also sent the partial of PRINCE OF SECRETS to Mills & Boon this week, so I guess I’ll be hearing from them in about two weeks to say it’s arrived. Then comes the nail-biting wait. In the meantime, it’s back to work.

 Onward and upward


A great week

The 300-words a day challenge is going well and I now have 4447 words of a new book ready for editing. It’ll probably need a lot of that but as the great Nora says, “You can edit a bad page but you can’t edit a blank page.” And there’s plenty more on the drawing board to keep me out of trouble .  Exciting stuff.

Equally exciting, I found out yesterday that my publisher, Highland Press, has made a video showing all the books they are currently marketing and all the books that are coming up. Mine is among them. To say I danced around my office is putting it mildly. Now my Egyptian time travel romance, ETERNAL HEARTS,  feels a little closer. Still have to wait about six months, but that’s okay. When I saw that prelimiary book cover with the pyramids, I knew that my book is up there with the best of them.  If you want to take a look at the video, click on the link below


Until next week, happy writing


It’s great to be challenged

It’s all been happening at my place this week with lots of good stuff.

 I’ve joined a writing challenge with Hearts Through History, one of my RWA chapters.  The challenge is to write 300 words, or write for 30 minutes, every day throughout September to give a headstart on a new book. I’m editing a book for Mills and Boon but I chose to make a start on one of the books in my Egyptian trilogy. I figure that by the end of the month I’ll have about 10,000 words already done. Together with book I, this will give me two outlines to work on while I think about the last book.

 300 words is nothing. I’d recommend 300 words a day to all writers but do it first. It doesn’t take anything way from your normal writing time and by the time you start “work”, the day’s challenge is already complete.

Happy writing


MY first post

I wasn’t interested in blogging and for months I resisted them. Refused to read them and refused to post. That is until my good buddy Amanda Ashby who wrote YOU HAD ME AT HALO gave us a workshop on blogging and told us how much fun they can be.  I finally succumbed, having found a distraction from my love of writing (when I’m not actually writing that is).  So what do I write? Contemporaries mostly. I’ve had two published with Treble Heart Books and one with Heartline, a UK publisher who went belly-up the following year. Not my fault, honest.

Since then I’ve moved on and written a time travel romance set in ancient Egypt, due out in the spring (US time) and am developing a historical trilogy set there. Egypt is my passion (after writing) so the research was  a labour of love.

I’m also writing a trilogy aimed at Mills & Boon. Wish me luck.

 Well, that’s my first attempt at a blog. Hope it measures up as a first attempt.

Let me know. Please

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